The true tale of the Toothfairy (vs. the Book Fairy)

I fell down from heaven
Landed flat on my face
Lost me a tooth
Such an utter disgrace

I was floating around
Not a care in the world
When a wing just broke down
I faceplanted the earth

Well, I knew I was grounded
A little too deep
Cause when I got up
A tooth was taken from me

Was it her work?
No really, did she take it from me?
Did she get all jealous
Undermine me in flee?

So I picked up the phone
It was shaped like a daisy
I called her to come over
And things got all hazy

No wait, I remember
The seat I was in
It was shaped like a tree
Or so it begins

She was leaning and smiling
But she did me no harm
She actually glued
My tooth right back on

I saw beautiful colors
But before I had known
My bank account emptied
And the fairy had flown

Hear, hear!

There’s a rumor in the sky
and its floats up in the air
There’s a lie upon your face
Your complexion is not fair.

Still I rise and shine for you
So I smile and board that train
I stepped forward
Just to prove
That I am brave
I’ll face that pain

I shall travel through the drought
Cross this land that’s in the dark
Through the shadows of existence
Straight into your aching heart

Find the truth of your existence
And to light that broken flame
Lift the burden of your shoulders
Wash away the stench of shame

I shall summon rain and thunder
And invoke a wind of change
I shall crack and fix your backbone
So you’ll walk straight once again

I shall bury you and birth you
Gift you life
And gift you soul
Wash the lies from your complexion
So the truth is yours to own

There are words upon the sky
And it’s melody is fair
It’s a new song by the elders
Woven gently in the air

Let it rock your body softly
Let it cradle you in need
Until you sing the words out loudly
And can dance to your own beat

Memory lane

I took a different route tonight. No particular reason, just winging it as usual. I never take this route, but still it looks strangely familiar. At the crossing I look up to read the sign. MEMORY LANE. I remember now. In the black of night I see strange sparkles down the sides of the road. I roll down my window to take a closer look. An old shed, stacked to the roof, filled with the smell of memories pre-dating a war everyone is so eager to forget yet still honoring its remembrance. I see the big dogs and this little red headed girl playing with them. Rolling around carelessly. Another sparkle shows me the outdoor toilet where you’d freeze your butt off in the winters but it was worth the rosehip lemonade you knew was waiting for you inside. I see the old furniture and my favorite aunt shelling fava beans.

I notice that I am slowing down, I never slow down.

Heck I was upset with myself earlier this evening for being lasered when I knew the camera was right there. I look at another sparkle. Is that…? Yes, that is me wandering aimlessly on this tiny ledge before the church. Inside that church are so many more. Isn’t that granddad with candy? Is that me on the church’s stage? My grandparents. Oh how I loved picking fruit with them in their garden. But I’m digressing. I look up and see so many more sparkles. So many more down memory lane.

Remember that time in that old haunted house? It yells at me. Remember you going up the stairs in that old mansion to find an old lady in the shadows of the attic that handed you a necklace?

The shadow is setting in while I hear this dull voice trying to yell at me: REMEMBER!

My childhood was nothing short of a book ROALD DAHL would write about. But still, the voice was going faint. And as I was driving I could see the shadow coming in. Wailing around, knocking everything down. It hit her, that sweet little girl, she never saw it coming. All of the sudden the lights go dim. No! No! Not now! I hit the brakes, I jump out of my car and I turn around. I look at the shadow that is trying to overtake all of this. I stand there, I just stand there. I am trying to yell, but nothing comes out.

What the F@&$? Am I just standing here while this shadow is overtaking all of my beloved memories? I.Will.Not.Let.That.Happen.Ever!

The shadow has gotten over my head by now. It is trying to get rid of all the sparkles. It is trying to fade them out of memory lane.

I was still holding on to the door of my car, but I am letting go now. I am letting go while I turn to the shadow and yell from the top of my lungs:

No! This is MY STORY! When did you ever think it was OK to take over? To take over MY story? To take over my pen? To write your own? The shadow just laughs and shows me his grounds.

I look up and see an apartment building standing on my memory. The shadow grins at me and says “you’ll never win”

And I grin back, sparkling all over. “Oh no, I already did”.

The Pirate Princess – Part III

Once upon a time there was a Pirate Princess. Adventurous at heart, she wandered wherever her feet would take her. She ran, she sailed and now found herself on the shore of the seas that had carried her for such a long time. Only this time she had her back to it. She just woke up from a strange dream. It was not that long ago that she washed up on the shore. Shipwrecked and weary, but it seemed like the dream, from which she woke, had carried on longer than the time that had passed.

The storm had lied down and a soft comforting breeze had whispered to her through the trees “It is time to stop running, come home”

And just like that, the Pirate Princess that ran, decided to stop running.

She looked around and started to understand why this place had felt so familiar. She was home, but it looked so much more beautiful than she could remember.

And so she started her long walk back to the town where it all began years ago. Reminiscing her adventures in the meantime. Such wonderful adventures! And even though she decided to stop running, she felt it was time for just one more: The adventure of a lifetime.

She found herself in front of a door. A heavy wooden door. She could still smell the memories she left on the other side of it. The memory of tenderness and of the anxiety that followed. For it was that door that she closed behind her all those years ago. But this time the memories didn’t make her run. She felt the comforting breeze that had carried her here. She saw her reflection in one of the windows. Her adventures had signed their signatures in her eyes, left their footprints in her soul.

And she knew it was time.

So she took out the little treasurebox that she had protected all those years and left it there. On the doorstep of the Navy Captain. And with it she left a promise that upon his return she would hand him the key.

Blanket fort

Let us grow young together
The older we get
Let us dance in the rain
And let the sun get us wet

Let the deepest of laughter
Rise from our bellies
Dig our toes in the dirt
And let the mud get us smelly

Let our spirit of life
Leave footprints behind
That tell tales of the old ones
Younger than us

Let your nose crinkle softly
As I caress your head
With a story of future
In our fort made of bed

Alone, but never lonely

Once again I found myself looking for her
She hides her face
Her scarce embrace
And left me in darkness

But while she was gone
So carefully hid
I did not see the sky was lit
And I felt all alone

Oh moon show your silver
As I undoubtely howled
It was raw, it was trembling and incredibly loud.

The darkness was holding her
In thunder and storm
As I was still yelling
For all that I longed

I want love, I want caring
Oh please give me breath
Give me the truest of love you can get
Come work your magic
Give me your charm
Sometimes I get lonely
Been lonely too long

I want someone there
That won’t leave my side
Oh Moon, will you answer
Come one, please abide

And as of tonight
A little shone through
That small piece of silver
For she saw me too

I howled at the moon
From my toes once again
And asked her to meet me
Right there and then

And down she came
As we were dancing a bit
And she twirled me around
Like she always did

I was dancing alone
But started connecting
To all of the souls
My heart was detecting

The party was going
And she smiled at me, only
Listen my dear
Alone doesn’t mean lonely

I was sweaty from dancing
And along came my breath
While my smile started saying
I love me till’ death. ❤️

Itsy Bitsy Spider

Do you remember?

That time you loved so much you felt your heart entangeled in this web. Trying to breathe, but the spider had gotten hold of you. Your heart stuck in his sticky web. And noone there to save you. Maybe the spider would?


Or was he just there to eat you? Playing, waiting. Oh just make your move. That heart is not deadly, no spider, that’s you. Moving around, in the shadows so slow. Or still in the sunlight. His next move? Who knows? Spider, oh spider. It made not one sound. He was almost see through, hard to be found. But you knew he was there, in his stillness he lingered. But not a leg moved, not even a finger. The sun warmed your heart and your veins were just beating. That spider was close but you were not yet defeated. You felt the palpation, but it was not of your own. Maybe, just maybe, the spider had grown. The sight of a spider brings luck in your yard. But maybe that luck is seen from afar. When the web is just strangling the heart you are in, it is about time you are finally seen. Not by the spider, but by those around. Because once something’s lost, it is there to be found.

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The Pirate Princess – CONT’D

Once upon a time there was a pirate princess.
The pirate princess that ran. For her heart was always seeking adventure.
For some time she sailed the seven seas with a drifter, full of stories of magical realms she had never seen. But one faithful night a storm set in and wrecked the boat they were sailing on. The drifter drifted off and the pirate princess went under in the salty raging waters.
She struggled for a while but finally gave in to the feeling of drowning. Her body went limb as she surrendered to the darkness that was starting to fill her lungs.
But her eyes grew big as somewhere in the darkness she saw some sparkling lights.
As she woke up on the shore of a land that was unknown to her, yet strangely familiar, she had no recollection on how she got there.
She was safe. A vague memory of a sweet smile and a huge fishtail was the last she remembered. Something light, something loving, brought her back to shore.

She stood up, but found her body was weary, exhausted. So she wandered looking for a place to rest. And when she found a spot she just laid down. A much needed rest.

She thought about all the adventures she had been on. And somewhere in the back of her mind she found the navy captain. Oh how she wished she could have told him about all the beauty in the world. About all her adventures.
She smiled as she was thinking about that little white rabbit she followed, the seven seas she sailed and her miraculous saving by a mermaid. If only he knew. And she drifted off to sleep.

The tough pirate princess vulnerable in the wild woods of an unknown land.

As she was sleeping, eyes that had gazed from afar started approaching, holding something in its hands. It was the navy captain that laid a blanket upon his princess. Never far away. He had always been there. And asked his friends, the little white rabbit, the mermaid and all the others, to keep her safe.
He was there.
And without her knowing, he took guard that night. 

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Sweet Home Alabama

The scorpio
Lays my soul to rest
A pillow
Fuck that make-up
This is me at my best

A tree trunk shone
And whispered to me
Let the darkness
Shine bright
I’m finally seen

Crows are calling
And singing a song
Of ages ago
A fire
So long

The feminine still burned
At the stake
Forgotten, forgiven
A man his mistake

Another land is rejoicing
Not hearing the cries
Of a state that just tumbled
Far back in time.

Follow that rabbit
For he only sees
The hurry we’re in
To get her down on her knees

While some things
Are sucking
Some lips will stay sealed
Let those dicks go limb
Get them on their knees

Let them lick their own assholes
While we stand our ground
Because the feminine rising
Is a beautiful sound.