The true tale of the Toothfairy (vs. the Book Fairy)

I fell down from heaven
Landed flat on my face
Lost me a tooth
Such an utter disgrace

I was floating around
Not a care in the world
When a wing just broke down
I faceplanted the earth

Well, I knew I was grounded
A little too deep
Cause when I got up
A tooth was taken from me

Was it her work?
No really, did she take it from me?
Did she get all jealous
Undermine me in flee?

So I picked up the phone
It was shaped like a daisy
I called her to come over
And things got all hazy

No wait, I remember
The seat I was in
It was shaped like a tree
Or so it begins

She was leaning and smiling
But she did me no harm
She actually glued
My tooth right back on

I saw beautiful colors
But before I had known
My bank account emptied
And the fairy had flown

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