Hear, hear!

There’s a rumor in the sky
and its floats up in the air
There’s a lie upon your face
Your complexion is not fair.

Still I rise and shine for you
So I smile and board that train
I stepped forward
Just to prove
That I am brave
I’ll face that pain

I shall travel through the drought
Cross this land that’s in the dark
Through the shadows of existence
Straight into your aching heart

Find the truth of your existence
And to light that broken flame
Lift the burden of your shoulders
Wash away the stench of shame

I shall summon rain and thunder
And invoke a wind of change
I shall crack and fix your backbone
So you’ll walk straight once again

I shall bury you and birth you
Gift you life
And gift you soul
Wash the lies from your complexion
So the truth is yours to own

There are words upon the sky
And it’s melody is fair
It’s a new song by the elders
Woven gently in the air

Let it rock your body softly
Let it cradle you in need
Until you sing the words out loudly
And can dance to your own beat

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