The Pirate Princess – Part III

Once upon a time there was a Pirate Princess. Adventurous at heart, she wandered wherever her feet would take her. She ran, she sailed and now found herself on the shore of the seas that had carried her for such a long time. Only this time she had her back to it. She just woke up from a strange dream. It was not that long ago that she washed up on the shore. Shipwrecked and weary, but it seemed like the dream, from which she woke, had carried on longer than the time that had passed.

The storm had lied down and a soft comforting breeze had whispered to her through the trees “It is time to stop running, come home”

And just like that, the Pirate Princess that ran, decided to stop running.

She looked around and started to understand why this place had felt so familiar. She was home, but it looked so much more beautiful than she could remember.

And so she started her long walk back to the town where it all began years ago. Reminiscing her adventures in the meantime. Such wonderful adventures! And even though she decided to stop running, she felt it was time for just one more: The adventure of a lifetime.

She found herself in front of a door. A heavy wooden door. She could still smell the memories she left on the other side of it. The memory of tenderness and of the anxiety that followed. For it was that door that she closed behind her all those years ago. But this time the memories didn’t make her run. She felt the comforting breeze that had carried her here. She saw her reflection in one of the windows. Her adventures had signed their signatures in her eyes, left their footprints in her soul.

And she knew it was time.

So she took out the little treasurebox that she had protected all those years and left it there. On the doorstep of the Navy Captain. And with it she left a promise that upon his return she would hand him the key.

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