Alone, but never lonely

Once again I found myself looking for her
She hides her face
Her scarce embrace
And left me in darkness

But while she was gone
So carefully hid
I did not see the sky was lit
And I felt all alone

Oh moon show your silver
As I undoubtely howled
It was raw, it was trembling and incredibly loud.

The darkness was holding her
In thunder and storm
As I was still yelling
For all that I longed

I want love, I want caring
Oh please give me breath
Give me the truest of love you can get
Come work your magic
Give me your charm
Sometimes I get lonely
Been lonely too long

I want someone there
That won’t leave my side
Oh Moon, will you answer
Come one, please abide

And as of tonight
A little shone through
That small piece of silver
For she saw me too

I howled at the moon
From my toes once again
And asked her to meet me
Right there and then

And down she came
As we were dancing a bit
And she twirled me around
Like she always did

I was dancing alone
But started connecting
To all of the souls
My heart was detecting

The party was going
And she smiled at me, only
Listen my dear
Alone doesn’t mean lonely

I was sweaty from dancing
And along came my breath
While my smile started saying
I love me till’ death. ❤️

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