Itsy Bitsy Spider

Do you remember?

That time you loved so much you felt your heart entangeled in this web. Trying to breathe, but the spider had gotten hold of you. Your heart stuck in his sticky web. And noone there to save you. Maybe the spider would?


Or was he just there to eat you? Playing, waiting. Oh just make your move. That heart is not deadly, no spider, that’s you. Moving around, in the shadows so slow. Or still in the sunlight. His next move? Who knows? Spider, oh spider. It made not one sound. He was almost see through, hard to be found. But you knew he was there, in his stillness he lingered. But not a leg moved, not even a finger. The sun warmed your heart and your veins were just beating. That spider was close but you were not yet defeated. You felt the palpation, but it was not of your own. Maybe, just maybe, the spider had grown. The sight of a spider brings luck in your yard. But maybe that luck is seen from afar. When the web is just strangling the heart you are in, it is about time you are finally seen. Not by the spider, but by those around. Because once something’s lost, it is there to be found.

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