The Pirate Princess – CONT’D

Once upon a time there was a pirate princess.
The pirate princess that ran. For her heart was always seeking adventure.
For some time she sailed the seven seas with a drifter, full of stories of magical realms she had never seen. But one faithful night a storm set in and wrecked the boat they were sailing on. The drifter drifted off and the pirate princess went under in the salty raging waters.
She struggled for a while but finally gave in to the feeling of drowning. Her body went limb as she surrendered to the darkness that was starting to fill her lungs.
But her eyes grew big as somewhere in the darkness she saw some sparkling lights.
As she woke up on the shore of a land that was unknown to her, yet strangely familiar, she had no recollection on how she got there.
She was safe. A vague memory of a sweet smile and a huge fishtail was the last she remembered. Something light, something loving, brought her back to shore.

She stood up, but found her body was weary, exhausted. So she wandered looking for a place to rest. And when she found a spot she just laid down. A much needed rest.

She thought about all the adventures she had been on. And somewhere in the back of her mind she found the navy captain. Oh how she wished she could have told him about all the beauty in the world. About all her adventures.
She smiled as she was thinking about that little white rabbit she followed, the seven seas she sailed and her miraculous saving by a mermaid. If only he knew. And she drifted off to sleep.

The tough pirate princess vulnerable in the wild woods of an unknown land.

As she was sleeping, eyes that had gazed from afar started approaching, holding something in its hands. It was the navy captain that laid a blanket upon his princess. Never far away. He had always been there. And asked his friends, the little white rabbit, the mermaid and all the others, to keep her safe.
He was there.
And without her knowing, he took guard that night. 

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