Sweet Home Alabama

The scorpio
Lays my soul to rest
A pillow
Fuck that make-up
This is me at my best

A tree trunk shone
And whispered to me
Let the darkness
Shine bright
I’m finally seen

Crows are calling
And singing a song
Of ages ago
A fire
So long

The feminine still burned
At the stake
Forgotten, forgiven
A man his mistake

Another land is rejoicing
Not hearing the cries
Of a state that just tumbled
Far back in time.

Follow that rabbit
For he only sees
The hurry we’re in
To get her down on her knees

While some things
Are sucking
Some lips will stay sealed
Let those dicks go limb
Get them on their knees

Let them lick their own assholes
While we stand our ground
Because the feminine rising
Is a beautiful sound.

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