*I will edit this one in the near future. This one just asks for puns, wordplay. But I got tired. 😛

It was a barstool
Where her buttcheeks rested
They graced the stool so comfortably 
It looked like her butt and the stool were entrapped
Lovers arms

If you’ve ever seen true love
It’s hard to come by these days
But true love doesn’t hold back
True love shares
It shares its deepest secrets
It shares its pain its been witholding from the world
It shares its tears its been holding back
It shares itself
No expectations

And the barstool listened

It just stood there,
As if it was frozen in time
Trapped in its own melancholy
Of the sacredness of bars
The wisdom of intoxicated tongues
Rolled down the barstool
Tears of drunk love affairs
And the occasional drop of some
Orgasmic dream

But never
Never had it caressed a butt like hers
While she sat down
The barstool listened

And his story will forever remain untold
Would remain untold
Untill I saw its bending legs
The nails almost dropping to the floor
In the sadness of the buttcheeks
That had left its caressing fluffyness

Because the butt that sat down
Settled in his comfort
She wiggled and bended
Untill he was just right

She ordered a whiskey
And started to slurr
And while her tongue went numb
He took her aside

Oh sweet cheeks,
Put down your arms
See my sweet grace
That is caressing your charm

That weight on your shoulders
But you don’t know why?
Are your wings of existence
But noone thaught you to fly

Oh butt, oh sweet butt
There is not a nail in my head
That can say you are broken
Please fly ahead

Buttcheeks, oh buttcheeks
I love how you fly
Don’t say that you’re broken
Because I don’t see why

And while she ascended
With her newgrown wings
There is still a sad song
That the barstool sings

I gave you my fluffy
I gave you my all
I gave you your wings
Will you sit at me, at all?

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