Life offerings

What have you got the world to offer?
It was a nagging whisper in the back of my mind.
It started out softly, but before I knew it, it was taking over.
What have you got to offer?
It said, while I was trying to read up the thousands of books I apparently missed out on. 
What have you got to offer?!
It yelled, while I was climbing mountains to prove my worth.
It shouted while I was sailing seven seas at once to show I amounted to something.

What can I offer the world? I asked myself.
Coming home, dissatisfied, disappointed, exhausted.
I looked in the mirror.
My hair was wild. My face was growing weary. My hands covered in the dirt of a struggling existence. I sighed and in desperation I screamed at my reflection:
What have you got to offer the world?!

Her face started to radiate while her lips produced a warm smile. And softly she whispered:


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