Untold stories

I look around, and just for a moment I imagine that if something happens, these are the people you need to work with. These are people gravely impacting your life if the need arises. Some might be born leaders, workers, display a strenght they never imagined they possessed. While others might just be panicking.

I haven’t seen anyone in this train that would panic.

I imagine their strenghts and what they would do. What their superpower would be. I hope they will, someday, find out how heroic they actually are without tragedy happening in their lives.

The night seems calm as I exit the door. They will never know what adventures they have had in this parallel universe I just glanced into. The moon smiles at us while we vanish into the night. Invisible connections, intangible lines vaporating into the vastness of the universe.

Untill we meet again.

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